About Me

Background and Mission Statement

Since I was a little girl, I have been passionate about fashion. At age 3 mom taught me to embroider. Then, at 5, may parents told me I couldn't have a bikini. So, I took my brother's red bathing suit trunks and cut them at an angle, rolled up a red bandana and tied it in the center with a shoe string. That was my first design. Fortunately mom supported and fostered my talent, letting me wear unfinished denim to school despite all of the hanging threads.

Over the years, I have been blessed to exhibit my creative designs internationally, nationally, and locally in juried exhibitions, and serve as a design competition judge for over a decade. My expertise is in working with alligator leather, couture finishing techniques, and sustainability. Having taught at Louisiana State University since 2007, I have taught an array of courses and workshops. I have also used my product development skills to collaborate with surgeons to develop medical products to improve the lives of others.

My designs are based on Louisiana inspired culture, scenery, and lifestyle. For more information about my services and future appearances and events, please get in touch today.



2933 Myrtle Ave., Baton Rouge, LA, 70806 USA